Deciding to visit few friends in Singapore when I was in Taiwan for few weeks, this is the first time we’ve came to this country. It’s a brand new experience for me to explore here. Marshall and I are already excited

Where would locals bring you to in Singapore

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There are all kinds of foods at the food court, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and of course local Singapore dishes. Foods are stack up on the shelves and dishes. It’s hard for me to choose from that many choices. Marshall, however, had already chose to have pizza to start, yes pizza, He said it tasted so delicious here.

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She brought us to the shopping mall with a canal in it, yes, you can roll a boat in the shopping mall. And outside, it’s amazing to see the building around by these trees. Singapore is famous for gardening trees, flowers and plants.

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Non Entree Dessert is famous for “Rubber Ducky” – Must try if you come to this dessert place. The chocolate and ice cream on waffles are really good too.

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Night Time in Singapore, the first thing we did was visiting The Merlion, then we went Ferris Wheel

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Must come to S.E.A Aquarium in Sentosa Island.

iFly and Racing track