Hotel Room

Partial ocean view from our hotel room


A nice view from here to look at the pavilion by the water

Japanese food

Japanese food here is so yummy

DSC_0030 - Copy

Tofu and egg


Sashimi – so fresh

DSC_0025 - Copy


DSC_0024 - Copy

Special made Tofu – soaked in soy sauce, sweet and soft.

DSC_0157 - Copy

Fishes in a pond in a shopping mall

DSC_0125 - Copy

Just think this statue is cute. Haha

DSC_0095 - Copy

It’s a sunny day, of course every day, many people are on the beach already.

DSC_0090 - Copy

Welcome to Hawaii

DSC_0074 - Copy

Hotel Pool

DSC_0071 - Copy

View from boardwalk


Stingray in aquarium

DSC_0760 - Copy

Beautiful Sunset

DSC_0443 - Copy

Taking cruise ship to explore

DSC_0484 - Copy

Entertainments on board

DSC_0478 - Copy

Hawaiian Culture dancing

DSC_0388 - Copy

Performance on stage

DSC_0384 - Copy

Very nice performance

DSC_0377 - Copy

Fire !!

DSC_0373 - Copy

Really fun night

DSC_0363 - Copy

Professional performace

DSC_0331 - Copy

Palm trees , beach and sunset

DSC_0233 - Copy

Even a little decoration on side of road is so beautiful

DSC_0714 - Copy

Anniversary festival parade

DSC_0752 - Copy

Fun to watch


Parasailing is fun


And funny

DSC_0406 - Copy

Scenes of Jurassic park movie was taken here

DSC_0593 - Copy

Beautiful view from Diamond Head Mountain.

DSC_0609 - Copy

Really had an enjoyable time in Hawaii