Leap Of Faith, the icon of the Atlantis Resort. Almost vertical drop into the tank

These sharks are big.

Another water tube sliding activity. Close encounter with sharks next to you.

1. Leap of Faith & Shark-filled Lagoon

I was almost sure that my heart stopped beating for few seconds. Sliding from almost vertical slide into the shark-filled lagoon was a totally new experience. Leap of Faith is the world-famous water slide. Designed as iconic Mayan Temple, the water slide is about 60 ft tall, the special part is that the water slide will go into a shark-filled lagoon. Of course, you won’t have any physical contacts with the sharks. Because the clear slide tube will separate you and the sharks, but you won’t have time to be scared or have time to have a closer look, because the speed is too fast. It’s too scary, but also too much fun! Leap of Faith, one of the Must-Play attractions in Atlantis Resort.


Market Place Restaurant by The Dig Sunken Aquarium. It's a buffet restaurant. We were having dinner there. The restaurant were well decorated, with aquarium. It's our first experience to see live fishes right next to us when having dinner .

Having buffet and watching divers (or they watch us)

Buffet dinner in Market Place, it's surrounded by the aquarium.

Yummy fondue

It's better to have a table right next to the Aquarium

2. Market Place – The buffet restaurant under aquarium



The Dig – also called the sunken ruin.


These fishes are so shiny, I thought they are not real at first.


Ruin of Atlantis


Kids are having fun in the tunnel

3. The Dig – The Sunken Ruins



Yummy Seafood


Night Market


So nice to just walk around the harbor area


Harbor View

4. Harbor market at night



Under the Aquarium


Always so many fishes


Nassau Groupers

5. Aquariums around the resort


Hotel Room View

View from our hotel room. It has a balcony and facing the water. It’s nice to just sit here to watch the crystal clear water, activities on the beach, relax and feel the breeze from the ocean.


6. Snorkeling and water activities at the beach.



We couldn’t wait to jump into the swimming pool – The pool is right in front of Royal Tower. Water is very clean with all the palm trees around us. Yes, that’s exactly what we expected.Having fun in the pool in front of Royal Tower



7. Water activities in front of Royal Tower.